More than ever before, myriad forms of media are influencing the human psyche. If print, radio, movies and TV were the dominant forms in the 20th century, now in the 21st century, the Internet has created an unprecedented interactivity and diversification of media. With the advent of many new avenues like blogs, podcasting, web casting and 3 D virtual worlds like Second Life, individuals and online communities formed around shared interests are making their views heard with more intensity, opening avenues for the emergence of perspectives other than those highlighted in the mainstream media.

However, on the downside, this demassification and diversification of media forms have also triggered an alarming proliferation of vested interests, narrow sectarian propagandists, crass commercialists, criminal syndicates, terrorists and other divisive forces who misuse both the conventional and new media to advance their devolutionary agendas that threaten the very survival of humanity and this planet.

We need media forms and content that promote unity in diversity and support the emerging evolution of an integral multidimensional planetary consciousness. Integral Gaia Media circle of EARTH aims to facilitate such an evolution. Integral Gaia Media will maintain co-creative interactivity with people to intensify the collective consciousness for neutralising the separative geographical, national, religious, ideological and ethnic divisions.

The mission is to manifest a sense of We, a Communion, among human beings where each individual and culture is seen as a unique dimension of the collective consciousness. This is different from the conventional attempts to manufacture a coercive collective of community that imposes an artificial unity through suppressing the uniqueness of individual aspects.

The human collective consciousness evolving as a Communion, will unconditionally accept individual differences as unique dimensions that add value to the collective consciousness, rather than seeing them as sources of conflict. Such a revolutionary transformation in the evolution of human collective consciousness will alter the current reality of conflict and separation to pave the way for peace, love, compassion and joy. It will eventually enable humanity as a species to integrate itself with other living beings and the Earth consciousness in a harmonious and integral multidimensional oneness.

Envision Earth Media, a spiritual, conscious and Earth-friendly media company, by pioneering the Conscious Media Movement, will endeavor to intensify the manifestation of the Integral Media of the future, which will integrate existing media forms and also evolve new forms continuously to promote this sense of Communion in tune with the Gaia consciousness.

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