Evolutionary Action for the Revolutionary Transformation of Humanity (EARTH)
(Currently EARTH is an informal internet network of people working for integral consciousness evolution.)

Mission Statement

"Let us say we for all of being, that is, for every being, for all beings one by one, each time in the singular of their essential plural." - Jean-Luc Nancy

"Life is Our purpose unfolding as Being in Form." -Prabhath P

"Oh how much vividness we lose in our perception when feeling is set aside for simple meaning" - Alex N. Moyer

What do you dare to dream? To imagine? To Be? What do you dare when you no longer feel disconnected from the world, from others, and from yourself? In those moments that touch beyond the edges of Time and Space, when the impossible drowns in the empty oceans of Infinity, do you see yourself?

In that vast openness of Space, do you see the Dragons high above the clouds, where the magick of your heart touches the world with possibilities?

We reach out, far beyond the boundaries of our mind in such moments. The cool water of endless oceans invites us to swim freely as creative beings unbound by solid ground. In these oceans, in this feeling, is the power to manifest even those dreams we keep hidden in the shadows of our heart. We are these oceans, every One of us. Everything new, everything different, everything creative, even beauty itself flows effortlessly in the openness of these moments, when we allow this deeper experience of Our creation.

We create many layers of meaning in the spaces outside us, between us, and within us, as we share pictures of our travels, when we are not afraid. But these oceans that hold and unfold meaning in their endless currents remain an enigma, a distant calling, to be touched as an Other, but rarely felt as Ourselves. These oceans remain uncharted territory to our consciousness as human beings, separate from the lives in which we seek our truths and Ourselves.

The wholeness of Life becomes filtered through this separation, through limited meanings, where thinking itself becomes a thinking of limitation, of representations, analogies, and images, as absolute. It is a thinking of separation that denies feeling, it's co-essence. When we go beyond that separation, we allow ourselves to touch these oceans where even our dreams and imagination pale in infinite possibility.

Every human being is a creative being and above all an Infinite Being. When we are in tune with the Consciousness eternally present deep within us, we set out on an evolutionary adventure into the Heart of Life itself, where wizards and dragons roam freely through enchanted lands beyond the walls of our perception.

The separations we create are artificial when they deny the other aspects of Our being. These differences are simply different expressions of an Infinite Integral Multidimensional Reality, made terrible by the denial of Ourselves. Separations between Spirit and matter, good and evil, body and soul, truth and fiction, you and me, are all imaginary. What we actually experience as separations are the polarities created by this limited thinking, rather than any 'real' absolute separation. One only needs to ask oneself where this separation begins and where it ends, to see how we create it.

The need of the hour is an integral Consciousness that manifests the integral unity, emptiness, and multidimensionality of Reality in existence. This will pave the way for the emergence of a full-fledged planetary consciousness, Gaia, on Earth. We can build that collective reality of infinite consciousness in a graceful dance of co-creation and communion with our fellow beings, this Earth, Life, the Universe, and Everything. For that, we must open a field of creative openness and infinite possibility. We must feel those infinite oceans of Our Being, and allow that openness to become our own, to expose Our own infinity to Ourselves as integral singular plural beings, so that All Our Creation becomes conscious.

EARTH is aimed at facilitating such a manifestation. EARTH is an attempt to open these connections, to allow these oceans of Creation, and unconditional Life, to be felt and experienced by each individual, and together in an integral singular multiplicity of Being.

This is not a spiritualism, a philosophy, or an ideal, but a space of openness, where people can be present with each other, where consciousness can be present without boundaries or forced limitations, where we can work with one another, together, in co-creation to see where We can go, if we allow ourselves to swim freely in these oceans, rather than just walking along the shore, separated from our dreams.

Welcome to Our infinite magickal dance of co-creation in communion. Come explore with us, and find aspects of yourself undiscovered, and in turn share aspects of yourself with us, so that we may grow together.

Copyright © Alex N. Moyer and Prabhath P.