Heal Cancer Holistically

A cover story on holistic alternative therapies for curing cancer



A co-cover story on the history and culture of the South Indian state Kerala, a renowned tourism destination.


A look at the concept of Karma.

Integral Harmony

A comprehensive article on India's reigning holistic system of medicine, Ayurveda

The Prophet of Human Potential

An interview with Michael Murphy, the founder of the Esalen Institute and the pioneer of the Human Potential Movement.


Article on the most famous Indian centre for the alternative medicine system of Ayurveda

Healing the Mind

An article on the ayurvedic way to mental health


The legendary age-reversal therapy of Kayakalpa


A trend that is integrating spirituality and technology

Meditation Pitfalls

The path to self-realisation has many traps and pitfalls

Together, Now

The pair meditation Morphic Resonation

Into the Light

An exploration of altered states of consciousness

Between Heaven and Earth

An exploration of the legends of long lost ancient civilizations, paradisiacal lands and hidden esoteric centres

The Future of Work

A look at how the way we work and the office will evolve in the future

Emotional Intelligence

The importance of emotional intelligence at work

Heaven on Earth

An article on the future visions of a spiritual Golden Age on Earth

From Commercialism to Communion

An article on present-day India.

The Spiritual Revolutionary

An article on the spiritual leader and social reformer Sree Narayana Guru.

Bermuda Triangle

Possible explanations for the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle

Remote Viewing

Extra-sensory vision through Remote Viewing

Healing Hyperacidity

Alternative therapy to heal hyperacidity.


Eco-psychology shows why it is vital for humanity to live in tune with the eco-system of Earth